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What did I think of Care Connected?

Two weeks ago I started my work experience at Care Connected. I didn’t know what to expect, I was very nervous. The welcoming, kind staff quickly made me feel at ease. I had a meeting with the South team leader, Leanne and the manager Jacqui to discuss what they would like me to do over the next two weeks. They asked me to help with general office duties as well as giving me a project to do. They asked me to conduct some client surveys to help find out if the clients are happy and if and where improvement is needed. I was really excited to lead a project for the company. They made sure that I understood everything that was asked of me and that I felt comfortable in the environment. They were extremely kind, funny and welcoming, they made me feel motivated and excited for the work that was to come.

On the first day I wrote and sent some birthday cards to the carers and the clients, this was a nice touch to make both employees and clients feel valued. I kept the Facebook up to date, this required posting things about what is happening within Care connected, including sharing about my work. This allowed me to show my creativity, it was a good challenge developing posts that would captivate the audience.

I also assisted with the financing and invoices. This included tracking payments, sending invoices and updating spreadsheets. This task gave me an insight to how businesses run. It also helped me to develop my skills using excel and learning different formulas.

The main task I worked on throughout the time was developing and designing a client feedback questionnaire. After creating the questionnaire I was then required to liaise with both team leaders in order to find out if I was to call the clients or families, this depended on each individual client. With this information I then began calling clients to collect the feedback. Once all feedback had been received I collected together the results to present to the rest of the team. The results were very positive. It was a daunting task but I felt a big sense of accomplishment having completed this project. It was also a very important project to have completed, I felt honoured that the company asked me undertake such an important job. I will be sharing the results with you soon!

Lastly I attended a care assessment with the office co-ordinator Emily. It was nice to see the company from a different side and actually go out and meet a client. It was great to see all the planning that goes on in the office out on the field.

Overall I really enjoyed my work experience, I think that it gave me some insight into what working life is like. Care Connected was a great company to complete my work experience with as I took on so many different important tasks. I feel I have gained some invaluable skills that will continue to assist me throughout my working life. I feel it was a fantastic opportunity for me to see how things run in a working environment. Thank you to everyone at Care Connected for making my time at the office such a positive and rewarding experience.

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