Elderly activities


.An award winning Care Manager, an experienced Chartered Psychologist specialising in mental health and dementia, and a successful Business Executive with invaluable experience in community well-being and support established Care Connected in 2013, to provide exceptional person-centred care in the community. Seven years later, staff deliver care to the standard of excellence the organisation has set out to achieve. 

Each and every care programme is carefully planned and tailored to meet clients’ individual needs. We offer a wide range of services from specialist, personal care to a trip out into the community. 


Our staff are well trained and committed to the company values before working in the community. Training and development is on-going and skills and attributes carefully monitored. All staff are encouraged and helped to develop their existing skills as well as learn new ones and become specialists in areas of interest.



Why are we called Care Connected? Quite simply because good care should be 'connected'. Good home care views the person as a whole (holistic) and at the centre of everything. It will consider physical needs, health and fitness, emotional well-being, hopes and wishes, beliefs, standards and values. It is the connecting or integration of these facets that provides excellent care.


Please contact the team for a friendly and informal chat. Staff are happy to offer their knowledge and expert advice to help you get the right care and support