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We offer a personal home care and support service for adults living at home. Whether that help is full personal care, several times a day, help with housework and shopping or just for the occasional trip out. Care Connected will provide a tailored plan of support that puts you at the centre. We offer personal and outstanding home care and support.

We also offer support to Children and Families by supplying a range of childcare services. Our childcare services enabales parents to work and achieve their goals knowing their child is receiving expert one to one care. See below for further details of our childcare services.


We believe that our elders should be respected and valued. Many have worked hard serving their families and the wider community. It is because of this work ethic and strong spirit that some find it a difficult to make the adjustment to receive help. We understand this and do everything we can to support you through this adjustment. We aim to preserve your independence, respect your values, choices and wishes by implementing a support plan that puts you at the centre. We will tailor your care package specifically to your needs, whether that may be full time care or help with your housework or shopping. 


To the opposite end of the spectrum now and our help to those just starting out in life. We offer a one to one tailored service to children from the ages of 4 to 18. Many of the chidren we support have a variety of special needs. We can provide after school care, respite care, etc. and as we are regulated by the Care Quality Commision we can provide all kinds of personal care and personal hygiene support including support with medication.


With vast experience in psychological counselling techniques and support therapy we have an understanding of the crippling effect that mental illness can have on the person suffering and others close to them. We realise that 'snapping out of it' will never work. After talking though your needs we will offer you a full assessment and with your help devise a plan of support. This may be setting achievable goals, helping you with daily living tasks, basic counselling and self-help techniques.

Fortunately society is beginning to value the contribution that people with learning disabilities have to offer. The personalisation agenda and government white papers such as 'Valuing People Now' have given a much needed voice to this community.

Care Connected can offer a wide range of support such as assistance with personal care, life skills development, accessing the community and also our very own drama and performing arts group.


Whether you have grown up with your disability or it has been a challenge you have had to face later in life, Care Connected has a skilled team of care and support assistants who will help you to maintain your independence. We will work with Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and other health professionals to meet not only your needs but your aspirations and goals. We really want to help bring living to your life.


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