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Let me introduce you to Danielle,

Dan is one of our valued clients here at Care Connected, she is 34 and has learning disabilities which affects her engagement in simple tasks as well as her communication.

Danielle has been with us for 3 years now and has had the same 2 carers for the duration. In this time Dan's carers Tina and Lyn have supported her in moving out of her family home into her own flat, they have helped Danielle create herself a home. Tina says "Danielle helps with her housework and meal planning and preparation, as well as odd jobs around the house. Danielle does like to be waited on so we do have to prompt her. She will often reply with 'you do it' or ask you to pass her something that is next to her. She is certainly a character that's for sure!"

Dan is a trainee at Hadleigh training Centre and has been for many years, she has worked in all areas at the training centre proving to be a real asset to them. Well in most cases- when working in the tea room she told a customer to 'just eat it' when they had been given the wrong food! Lyn says that recently "Danielle is not engaging very well at the training centre, she just says hello. It is very upsetting to see as Danielle was once a very engaging trainee" Dan is interested in enrolling in some new support centres, we are hoping something new will encourage more engagement.

Danielle loves going out and has a very busy social life, she is enrolled in many clubs, one of these is a sports club provided by mencap, Tina tells us "although it is important for Danielle to engage in exercise it certainly isn't her favourite club as she isn't keen on sports. Although she did receive a swimming award this year to add to her many awards and trophies. Dans favourite thing to do is bowling and a meal with her fiance Anthony. " One of her favourite activities is bowling, she throws her hands in the air and cheers when she gets a strike!, wherever we go Danielle is bound to bump into someone she knows, she has an excellent memory and remembers everyone she meets. She will always welcome them over with her beaming smile" says Tina. Dan is also a cherished member at slimming world. Receiving the woman of the year award was very special to her, she was extremely happy and told everyone!

Dan enjoys her weekends staying at her Mum and Dads, she enjoys playing with her dogs, Teddy and Rolo although they aren't best pleased as she brings her cat Thomas with her! She enjoys spending time with her sister Bella and loves watching the soaps with a glass (or 2!) with her Mum. She helps her Mum and Nan with their shopping and sometimes fits in a quick trip to the casino or bingo before starting her week back at her flat.

Both Tina and Lyn have developed a special relationship with Dan, they both agree that working with Danielle can be stressful and demanding and they both have a lot of stories to tell, Tina says she could go on forever talking about Danielle. She tells us about how she once took Dan to he weekly yoga class and she drove the wrong way, Dan did no more than responded with "Tina you silly moo!" They laughed a lot and still do now!

Tina says we do have our ups and downs, but working with Dan is very rewarding and both me and Lyn wouldn't have it any other way.

Did I forget to add Dan is prone to a win at bingo!!

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