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We asked one of our newest Care Connectors her initial thoughts on us after her first few weeks. She had a lot to say that is for sure, all good of course!

I have only recently started working for Care Connected as a care assistant. At my first interview it became evident to me that this care company works closely with clients and their families in order to achieve a high standard or assistance, support and care.

The staff are very welcoming, happy and friendly and I have already been made to feel part of the team. For me this is a big positive as it has really made me feel like a valued member. The communication between all staff members is good, there are regular updates one-to-one chats, email updates, text messages and more importantly the on-call phone, available whenever you need them.

I decided to pursue a career in care as I felt I would be very good at it. I was a carer for my Mum in her later years and I really enjoyed it. It was hard going with a family of my own to look after and I just couldn't continue on my own. We decided to get some help but was very let down, Mums needs were very basic but many tasks were rushed or unfinished, some visits not even started. I felt very let down and decided to continue with the care on my own. It was challenging but very rewarding.

I have already seen in my short time that Care Connected have structured procedures in place to ensure everything runs smoothly, which for clients, families and staff is very reassuring. A lot of my training has been shadowing other carers attending their visits. I was touched by the level of competence, respect, dignity, choice and care that I witnessed. All individual needs were well met.

Even little things were important, how one clients likes their crust cut of the toast. One lady loves her hair to be brushed and styled. They really do make sure clients care is personal.

As well as the shadowing, my training is ongoing and constantly refreshed. Most recently I have been trained on how to use a hoist effectively and safety. Training is very hands on and Roy the manager often creates scenarios, this really helps to understand and to quickly perfect techniques.

This is my first impression of Care Connected and I am excited to see what the future holds!

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